Conversations in my mind

You are about to witness a conversation with myself. These are the things that run through my mind daily, the things I really care about, and the core of my being. This is the mind of an INTP and the reason I could care less about memes, stupid snapchats and small talk.

Hey but also I still know how to have a good time okay.

I see clearly that we are all lost and blinded. Even myself. I’m not going to pretend I know it all (because I do). But know that I do not speak from a single perspective. I speak from a perspective of ultimate truth. I will try my best to show no bias. Which is hard because there is some bias. Life is not binary, it is quantum. Now what does that mean. That means that life is subjective, that my truth and your truth can be different and yet both be true and even false to others.

Business Entities

Countries are run like businesses I get it. You’ve got loans, exports, imports, taxes, marketing, accounting, investments, partnerships, dividends, stock, various departments, research and development. Your basic ass balance sheet. Look I fucking get it, I could talk about it all day. It’s fucking sad but the reality of things. Now I put reality in italics because we as humans have socially agreed to live in this way. However, this is not actual REALITY.

“No other animal, can like a human project their ideals and dreams into our physical reality like a human can.” -Me and possibly a bunch of other humans.

We’ve agreed to live this way, in these systems that have been created to oppress our common brothers and sister. Not simply because of the color of their skin, religious differences, or sexual orientation but because it is profitable.

Free labor is the dripping wet dream of a corporate entity. The irony is that they themselves those “1%ers” those darn”Elite capitalist” are also exploited. We have given words and processes the same rights as a human being. We have given a corporation more power and value then that of a human. We have fabricated an entity in which it’s own dreams enter and coexist with our realities. Everything these days is “sponsored by Kelloggs or Coke” what the fuck ever, the point is that original thought is being undermined by this fabricated reality. The speed of information is so glorious and omnipresent that information whether accurate or not either coincides with our perspectives or shapes them for us.

“we wouldn’t have these resources if it weren’t for capitalism and free markets.” Okay I agree with that. I’ve never said capitalism is wrong, what is wrong is exploitation of a system that works. Corruption and ignorance to the collateral that actions have on others is what is wrong.

Human Entities

These are also our siblings. Not these legal entities but the people who operate within these steel slabs and information causeways. Even if their beliefs and ways of life disagree with your own, even if they hold your life at their finger tips. They are our siblings, we are them and they are us.

Also, just so you know no one can hold your life except for you. Complacency is acceptance, and you have free will. The gods and the energy we have within ourselves is unquantifiable. The things we can accomplish, it astounds me. It fascinates me.

So what is the point of all this. In these difficult times, whether past, present or future we should not forget that humanity is the most important of moral laws we should be following. No one is truly born evil, we create hatred, fear, and prejudice through misperceptions, resentment, and lack of understanding. We need to forgive ourselves, we need to forgive everyone. We need compassion and love. We all want to encapsulate the world in our dreams, to fill some sort of need to be important or live a life fulfilled, and I’ll tell you now that you will never be able to claim the world as your own, because it belongs to all of us. What you can claim is your stories, your dreams, your memories and the life that you choose to live. Humanity has survived up until now not through cowardice but through mastery of elements and ourselves.

Just as we rest to restore our energy, we must wake up to return it to the world. Now is the time to awaken.

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