No rush

*I’ve decided to add some edits to this post. I’ve realized now that I was in a pretty bad funk during the time I originally wrote this and the full message I wanted to convey got lost in my thoughts. I have never been afraid of darkness. (Okay that’s a lie) I never even shunned […]

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What do you know?

I can’t sleep… it’s 3 am and my mind won’t shut up so here we go. A couple weeks ago I sat down with a friend of mine. Ibe/ Ibrahim he is half Japanese and half Palestinian. He asked me one day “Steven what kind of Hispanic are you?” “Guatemalan and Colombian.” He replied with […]

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Conversations in my mind

You are about to witness a conversation with myself. These are the things that run through my mind daily, the things I really care about, and the core of my being. This is the mind of an INTP and the reason I could care less about memes, stupid snapchats and small talk. Hey but also […]

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